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How to Clean Artificial GrassPet odor in your artificial turf can be a nuisance. Many fresheners use a strong pleasant smell to mask bad odors, but they usually only work for a short period of time and are easily overpowered. To solve this problem, TurFresh developed its own turf-cleaning technology. It’s now used throughout the world to keep artificial turf odor-free while using only non-toxic, organic ingredients to ensure pets and kids are safe.

TurFresh BioS+ and BioX Take 3 Simple Approaches to Control Pet Odor.

Step One

The fragrance options in our products give you an immediate sense of relief and reduce malodor. We call our custom original scent “fab” short for fabric softener or fabulous. It provides our customers an immediate sense of relief and peace of mind.

Step Two

TurFresh’s BioS+ features a natural bio-augmentation chemical formula that bonds to any existing malodorous molecules changing the molecular make-up, which naturally eliminates the odor with a very high degree of success.  Our BioX formula features oxidizing technology that breaks apart the odor-causing molecules, leaving your turf smelling fresh and clean. 

Step Three

TurFresh BioS+ degrades organic matter, such as proteins, in not only artificial grass but also other areas of the backyard including concrete, pavers, walls, and planters. The bacteria or odor molecules are essentially food for the BioS+ enzymes, which prevents the odor from continuing at the source. Our BioX formula breaks apart the molecules that cause general turf odor, ensuring that the odor is eliminated from the source. 

TurFresh BioS+ and BioX have been proven to provide the most effective long-term odor control solutions in both labs and our field applications.

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TurFresh Value Pack

Scientifically formulated to remove pet urine odor and stains by breaking down the ammonia and proteins to eliminate the smell rather than covering it up.

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